Who Should Join BT RunClub ?

If you run, or would like to, BT RunClub is for you. It is a club for anyone who would like to take their running to the next level, or maintain the level they’ve reached. For some, that may mean moving from walking to running, for others it might mean lowering your current personal best for a particular distance. For others it could be running your first marathon or planning a calculated assault on a particular event!

If you’re not able to run just yet, that’s fine: we have a walk-to-run group to help people build fitness gradually and, if they wish, progress through different groups as they build fitness.

We offer runners and multi-sport athletes the opportunity train with a experienced athletes and coaches and a motivated group of fellow athletes. BT RunClub believes that all athletes can improve and run with endurance regardless of their age or current ability. Our sessions can play a significant part in helping you run and race both faster and longer.

While many will be running with specific goals in mind, you don’t have to. The benefit of being part of a community of runners meeting regularly together is both the accountability and camaraderie that can be enjoyed while growing in fitness and endurance. Whether it’s a race, distance, time or weight goal you’re working towards, running with others and having the benefit of coaching experience can take you there. with endurance...
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