#BOS14 – The BT RunClub Band of Sisters/Band of Brothers, starting February 7

17 January, 2018

In 2012 we introduced the Band of Sisters…and then the Band of Brothers – in thirteen different ‘intakes’ through 2012 – 2017, around 200 sisters and brothers have signed up to see each other through to the goal of running 5km…in one hit. It’s back again: #BOS14  – the 2018 edition of Band of Sisters and Band of Brothers.

The program combines walking and running intervals in a group setting. It doesn’t assume any level of fitness greater than perhaps an ability to run to the bus in desperation! The sessions will combine the physical workout alongside practical help on stretching, form/technique, pacing, gear selection and nutrition (and any other questions you ask along the way).

Qualifications required:
None…but a desire and commitment to reach a goal together for the benefit of each together, your health and your families.

Time commitment required:
2 sessions together (Wednesday 6pm, Saturday 7:30am) and one independently…or however it best fits with your schedule, each week for 9 weeks.

Many from previous Band of Sisters intakes have gone on to loftier goals having completed the program and continue to make Wednesday nights a regular part of their running diet, but that’s your call!

Gear required:
A pair of running shoes will certainly come in handy, but if you don’t have some it may be a good idea to come along with whatever you have and get some advice on what shoes might be good for you. Lightweight, non-bulky clothing is also advised (essentially, clothes that don’t get in the way of your running).

BT RunClub sessions and Band of Brothers/Band of Sisters sessions are $7/session in groups of 10, or $9/session for casual sessions. You can “Join the Club” from the top menu and take it from there. Session fees for ‘Band of Juniors’ is $2/session.
50% of all BT RunClub fees go directly to Esther Foundation: a residential young women’s health, development and leadership program through ten residential premises based around South Perth and housing more than forty five women and their children.

BUT…what if you don’t know how to run?
We don’t expect you can. Coaches will be there to help you through the sessions. These guys are keen to help you, motivate, cheer you on and celebrate your efforts as you run stronger and longer over the course of the program!

BUT…what if you’re really unfit?
Many of those in the group will be and you’ll get fitter together!

BUT…what if you don’t have the time?
Aside from sessions lasting just 40-55 minutes, getting fitter will not only create a whole lot of other positive outcomes, it will also give you more capacity (and therefore more time!).

While a number of you have been saying “When’s the next Band, I’m keen!”, now’s the time to look each other (or Facebook) in the eye and say: “I’m in”.

The first session starts at South Perth Foreshore (Coode Street Car Park) at 6pm on Wednesday, 7 February. You can do it! And, just in case you don’t think it’s possible, there’ll be plenty cheering you on from the previous programs who’ll be able to testify that it certainly is!!


If you’re Facebook but not part of the BT RunClub group on Facebook, join up so you can get more information about the sessions and share the journey with those who have signed up for it!


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